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Was Nichodemus Born Again?

John 3:1-11

it has become almost common practice for Christians around the world to do good works and serve the works of the gospel in kind and deed, which at most cases involve financial support. Regardless of how many people serve the gospel or do the works of Christ with zeal it does not mean they will all go to heaven. Nicodemus met with Jesus Christ, but he was never born again.

Despite being a member of the highest Jewish society and a wealthy man as well as a teacher of the law he never knew the way of salvation.
The wind blows where it wishes but we cannot tell where it comes or where it goes. But just because we can't see the wind does not meant that it doesn't exist.

Same way, what is born if spirit is spirit and what is born of flesh is flesh. Serving the gospel and Jesus Christ in the flesh does not mean that one is saved. Many people do not know this truth or they ignore the word of Jesus.

John 19:38 - 39

Nichodemus served the body of Jesus Christ after his death but still he was not saved. Jesus said not those who say lord lord shall enter into his kingdom but those who do the will of the father in heaven.

Fig1 Joseph of Arimathea and Nichodemus leaders of the Jews asked to bury the body of Jesus.

It is good to serve the gospel but it is more important to confirm the foundation of our salvation which is only by being born again through spirit and water, which things both signify the word of God.

Colossians 2:13

Says that God has forgiven all our sins and trespasses. 'All' means those who are in the spirit which is word of God are without sin.

Today many Christians say they believe in the word of God, but they say that they have sin which is clearly contrary to the word of God.